the "A" team

These players were selected by coaches at the June 2 Elite Exposure Shootout at Lancaster Bible College

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Your passes did not go unnoticed

The Elite College  Exposure Shootout salutes the players who impressed the coaches with both their ability and their willingness to pass the ball- these are our assists leaders- our true "A" team! 
      The pass is the crucial, basic element that builds a team and an offense.
                                                                        Bob Cousy
     One man can be a crucial ingredient on a team, but one man cannot make a team.                                                           Kareem Abdul Jabbar
     Talent wins games, but team work and intelligence wins championships.
                                                                         Michael Jordan

Brandon Purrone
From Girl's Teams 13-18
#22 , Leah Smith, South River (MD)
#28, Shelby Schoonover, Pennridge
#38, Emma Matthews, Padua Academy (DE)

From Boy's teams 1-12
#72, Michael Manso, Brick Memorial (NJ)
#83, Luis Solorzano, Union City (NJ)
#104, John Herndon, Parkway West

#108, Darnell Ellis, Philadelphia Lamberton
#112, Brandon Purrone, Cataauqua
#123, Eric Young, Henry Lackey (MD)
#129, Darius Ables, Calvert Hall  (MD)

#134, Ben Kerkeslager, Oley Valley
#150, Rokas Lapsys, Woodmere Academy (NY)
#183, Zachary Coleman, Gaithersburg (MD)


Ben Kerkeslager
Oley Valley

John Herndon
Parkway West

Emma Matthews
Padua Academy (DE)

Luis Solorzano
Union City (NJ)


Darnell Ellis
Philadelphia Lamberton

Leah Smith
South River (MD)

Zachary Coleman
Gaithersburg (MD)

Michael Manso
Brick Memorial (NJ)

Eric Young
Henry Lackey (MD)


Rokas Lapsys
Woodmere Academy (NY)


Shelby Schoonover


Fall Shootouts, 2013-Sept 29 & Oct 13

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