St. Mary's Coterie Meeting, June 2008
San Luis Obispo, California

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History, St. Mary's Coterie
2008, San Luis Obispo, California
2007, Vancouver, Washington
2006, Siesta Key, Florida
2005, Reno, Nevada
2004, St. Mary's, Pennsylvania
2003, San Luis Obispo, California
2002, Tupelo, Mississippi

Photo right: Dan Connors, Bill Gaffey, Tom Connors, Gretchen Minoso, Pat Gaffey, "Litle" Bruce Reed.  At the Marriott Hotel, home base for the meeting.

Photo below: Bill Gaffey, Jack Brown, Pat Gaffey, Tom Connors, "Little" Bruce Reed.  

Photo lower right: Pat Gaffey (left and Tom Connors (right) relax after a long workout in the exercise room.

The Coterie visits Mustang Ranch
Photo far right: "Little" Bruce Reed is matched up with two young ladies at the ranch, Yana Canella  and Tatiana Torres.

Photo near right: Tom Connors renews his relationship with Ludmila Stelios.

Bottom: Dan Connors poses in front of the "chuck wagon" here they are preparing the day's super buffet.

Bottom right: Bill Gaffey and Dan Connors wait to get a drink at the bar.


The Coterie visits the Powder River Rodeo Finals

Photo right: Bill Gaffey, Kirk Feddez, Pat Gaffey, "Little" Bruce Reed, Tom Connors, Dan Connors.

Lower photo: Kirk Feddez is shown holding his own on the prize ride of the day in the "Wildest, Richest Rodeo in the West."

Lower right:  Joe and Lucy Konupka watch the square dancing competition.


The Coterie visits the Pismo Beach Car Show

Photo right:   Dan Connors examines one of his favorite cars.

Lower photo: in the midst of the festivities, the Coterie pauses for a photo.

Lower right:  Pat Gaffey congratulates the drag race winner from Podesto, Johhnie Groll, nicknamed "The Rabbit."


The Coterie visits the San Luis Obispo Elks Club

Photo right:  Tom Connors is congratulated by by Exchange Club President Rex Barney  after Tom completed his luncheon message to the Exchange Club entitles, "We need to think green to save the globe!"

Lower photo: Dan Connors checks his watch trying to indicate to Tom that he should consider shortening the speech.

Lower right: the Club dedicates a plaque to Dan for his successful years with the Oakland Raiders.


The Coterie visits McCarthys Bar Chess Tournament

Photo right: Tom and Dan Connors meet their opponents for the first round of the tournament

Lower photo: a singles match takes place in front of McCartheys.

Lower right: Then in a match featuring Bruce Reed against Sergi Bulov. Pat reminds Bruce  "should a pawn get all the way across the board to reach the opponent's edge of the table, it will be promoted. The pawn may now become any piece that the moving player desires."

Pat Gaffey looks in astonishment and can't believe the next move by "Little" Bruce as he checkmates the Ukranian opponent,  Bulov.