Harrisburg Patriot News 10/6/99
"Sprewell Absent from Camp."
Latrell Sprewell did not show up for the first day of the NewYork Knicks Training Camp. He was awaiting the vertict in the court caseinvolving the traffic accident he caused by driving his Mercedes-Benz ontoa freeway from an exit lane. He is being sued by Amulfo Perlas and Ima Feliciano,two citizens from the real world.

The ASSOCIATED PRESS. 5/27/99: Chris Sherid
"Sprewell Unhappy Being Sixth Man."
Purchase, N.Y.(AP) - Latrell Sprewell's displeasure at being brought off the bench asthe team's sixth man has been an issue with the Knicks since the midpointof the season, when he returned from a foot injury that cost him his early-seasonspot in the starting five. As for next season, Sprewell's agent is on recordas saying he'll demand a trade if his client isn't a starter.

St. Marys Daily Press 3/30/99
"Sprewell lawsuit dismissed again." San Francisco.U. S. Federal District Judge, Vaughn Walker dismissed the Sprewell caseagainst the NBA and the Golden State Warriors, and required him to pay thecosts of the case -since "his baseless case caused unnecessary expendituresfor the defendants, and was a wasteful diversion of the resources of thecourt." Latrell filed a lawsuit against the NBA and his former employerthe Golden State Warriors charging that investigators destroyed evidencein the case, and that his punishment was not authorized by the union contract.No one told him that choking his boss was not acceptable behavior by anemployee. Duuh, get real Latrell!

St. Marys Daily Press, 3/19/98
"Sprewell faces reckless driving charge." Martinez, Calif.
TheContra County District Attorney is filing charges against Sprewell for driving90 miles an hour and slamming his car into another vehicle as he tried toswerve back onto a freeway from an exit lane. He faces 30 days in jail ona misdemeanor charge of reckless driving.

Some characteristic appraisals of Latrell:
Boston Globe: Dan Shaughnessy

"If I walked into my sports editor's office today and tried to stranglethe boss, I would be fired. Latrell can claim that his mother liked hisbrother more, and that is why he did it. Finally, a sports organizationtakes a stand."

76ers President, Pat Croce
"If players are getting paid millions of bucks and can't take an insult,let them go lift cinder blocks for a living!"

Washington Post, Michael Wilbon
"No company should have to pay a man $7.7 million and sit by quietlyas acts like a thug."

Dr. Tom Trosko, Greater Hanover Medical Center
"What we need is for people to threaten to start boycotting the televisionsponsors of the NBA or other professional sports organizations until theprofessionals behave like professionals.

David Stern, the NBA Commissioner
"A sports league does not have to condone behavior that would not betolerated in any other segment of society."

The coaches wife- -Hickory High School, the 1951Indiana State Champions --(from the movie, Hossiers)At the team celebration after the state championship game, she was askedto say a few words about the tremendous accomplishment of the team. Shesaid,
"It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice!"
To Latrell, she would have said, "Grow up, and get a real job!"

The Morning Sports, Radio Station Z107
Latrell Sprewell made his apology to his coach and his team yesterday,He said, " I'm sorry for what I did, and if you don't believe that,I'll kick your butt."

Jayson Williams, New Jersey Nets player
"...if you're asking me if the league is right, yes it'sright. You've got too many guys doing things that are bad for basketball.We've got guys walking around with a chip on their shoulder, acting likethe world owes them something."

Kevin Blackstone, Dallas Morning News
Commenting upon the decision of John Feerick, " I don't know if chokingone's coach is an act of moral turpitude. If, however, it isn't an affrontto to good citizenship or good character, then Feerick should explain whatis. Especially to kids who look up to these players."

Jack Brown, former NBA fan
"I hope that an employee of John Ferrick at Fordam attacks him andchokes and punches him, and then Mr. Ferrick is forced by an arbitratorto take the employee out to lunch and listen to the employees sad tale ofsuffering from ADD, eating too many Twinkies, or grieving over the deathof the family's pet dog."

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