Eliminate Fighting in High School Sports

It seems that more and more fighting and poor conduct have been occurring in scholastic sports.  We suggest making the penalties for fighting more strict.  If you are involved in a fight, make the player sit out at least four games, and if the player is involved in a second fight during the season-then ban him for the remainder of the year.  If a team is involved in more than one fight, then ban them from the post season.  Schools themselves have to take a  stronger stand on the control of their students, their coaches, their parents, and their fans. As the season progresses, please email us any information on fights that have been reported in the news in your area.  We think that these schools should be singled out and put on report.  No school want to make this list.  Promote good sportsmanship.  Remember, only half of the teams can win the game, but all the teams can behave like winners!