PA / MD Shootout
April 18, 2010

at Penn State-Harrisburg University campus

The Pennsylvania/Maryland Shootout provides the most extensive coverage for the players who participate in our events.  No other event publishes such an in depth analysis. 

1-The Prystal Scouting Report
filed by Tom Prystal, Auburn, NY
Prystal Report for Girls,  posted
Prystal Report for Boys, posted
2-The National Collegiate Combine
filed this year by Frank Dobbbs, Wilmington, NC
NCC Boys Selections 
NCC Girls Selections 
3-The East Coast Index
filed by Robby Marusak, Blakeslee, PA.
Boys Selections
Girls Selections,   posted
4-The Larry Hennessey Review which takes a different look at player contributions is a compilation of coaches comments at the event this year
Hennessey Review, posted
5-Individual player videos completed by Human Highlight Productions, HERE
6-Player photographs.
7-Reports sent to over 100 colleges thru our exclusive
Partnership with Colleges and Universities program.  This is the list which continues to grow.  List HERE
8-Limited space at our events so that coverage can be more comprehensive.  Apply now to secure your spot for our event in the Fall of 2010.  Application


Jordan Crawford
#159 (Lewistown)

passes to a teammate

Xavier Griffin
#51 (Middletown)


Jenna Parson
#19 (

drives to the hoop

 Blair Lauthers
#25 (Fannett Metal)

slides to defend





Aaron Dinteman
Smithburg (MD)

     pulls the trigger

Harry Holroyd
Bethesda-Chevy Chase (MD)
 is defended by

Julian O'Neil
Episcopal Academy



Photo credits:  Rita Wilhelm (Fredericksburg)

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