PA / MD Basketball Shootout
October 11, 2009

at Penn State-Harrisburg University campus

The Pennsylvania/Maryland Basketball Shootout provides the most extensive coverage for the players who participate in our events.  No other event publishes such an in depth analysis.  Examine the following reports:
1-The East Coast Index filed by Robby Marusak, Blakeslee, PA.
East Coast Boys
East Coast Girls
2-The National Collegiate Combine filed this year by Frank Dobbbs, Wilmington, NC
National Collegiate Boys
National Collegiate Girls
3-The Prystal Scouting Report filed by Tom Prystal, Auburn, NY
Prystal Report for Boys and Girls
4-The Larry Hennessey Review which takes a different look at player contributions and compiled by Larry Hennessey, Philadelphia, PA. 
Hennessey Assessments, Boys and Girls
5-Individual player videos completed by Human Highlight Productions, HERE
6-Player photographs
7-Reports sent to over 100 colleges thru our exclusive
Partnership with Colleges and Universities program.  This is the list which continues to grow.  List HERE
8-Limited space at our events so that coverage can be more comprehensive.  Apply now to secure your spot for our event in the Spring of 2010.  Application


Michael Jones, Morrisville

Taylor Shaak, ELCO


Tyler Zimmerman
Francis Scott Key (MD)

                  William Brown,
                        Penn Wood

Photo credits:
Rita Wilhelm

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