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Spring 2014 Shootouts
Boys and Girls

April 6 at Lancaster Bible College, Lancaster, PA --Application  
"2 games live streamed"
"your third game placed free on YOUtube"

June 1 at Spooky Nook Athletic, Manheim, PA --Application
"2 games live streamed"
"your third game placed free on YOUtube"
158 college coaches watched our last event !!

...Next Shootout, Shootout Application ---- Your next shootout opportunity! April 6 and June 1

Our TV coverage includes
-play by play announcers
- color commentary
-post game player interviews  


Live Streamed Video for two games and a third game placed on YOUtube


Elite College Exposure Shootout Results from the past
No other shootout posts results like we do

      Past Shootout Results        
              in chronological order

Nov 10 at Spooky Nook  Results

2013:Oct 13
Lancaster Bible College- Prystal Scouting Report boys
NCC- boys oct 13
2013: Oct 13
Lancaster Bible College- Prystal Scouting Report girls
 NCC-girls oct 13
2013: Sept 29
NCC-boys sept 29
BOYS TOP 25 on YOUtube
2013: Sept 29
NCC-girls sept 29
GIRLS TOP 25 on YOUtube
June 2

Boys-Prystal Scouting Report spring
Boys YOUtube-teams june 2
Girls- Prystal Scouting Report spring
Girls YOUtube-teams june 2
Everyone's first game on YOUTUBE   HERE
2013: April 7 Shootout Results
East Coast Index Report
-Prystal Scouting Report
our shootout "A" team
-shootout game breakers page
 Prystal Boy's Top 40      HERE
 Prystal Girl's Top 40       HERE
East Coast Index Boy's Report  HERE
East Coast Index Girl's Report  HERE

 "Top 25" Highlight Videos  on YOUTUBE
Highlights Boys    

---Highlights GirlsFall 2012 Shootout Results

April 1, 2012
(Penn State Harrisburg)
2-May 26, 2012 (Auburn, NY)
-Oct 9, 2011(Penn State Harrisburg)
4-June 5, 2011 (Middletown H S)
April 17, 2011 (Penn State Harrisburg)
6-May 22, 2011 (Auburn, NY)
7-October 2010
(Penn State Harrisburg)
8-April 2010 
(Penn State Harrisburg)
9-October 2009 (Penn State Harrisburg)
Spring 2009
Prystal Results  HERE
East Coast Results  HERE
National Collegiate Combine  HERE
Hennessey Assessments 
Fall 2008
Ed O'Brien Video Highlights,  HERE
Hennessey Assessments
                 Boys and Girls,  HERE
National Collegiate Combine
                 Boys and Girls,  HERE

Prystal Girl's results HERE
Prystal  Boys,  HERE
East Coast Girl's  HERE
East Coast Boys,  HERE


 D-1 Prospect

Alize Johnson
St. John Neuman Academy

Williamsport, PA

Played in the last two shootouts and was named a 
Prystal "Top Five" Player


From A previous event:
Just want to thank you for the invite to the shootout.  I have to tell you this was the best organized event that Pieter ever participated in.  It was wonderful to sit and watch the talent of so many kids playing that day.
Anne-Marie Prinsloo

East Coast Index
Robbie Marusak from the East Coast Index talks with his "Top Pick" in the Girl's Division of the Shootout
, #5 Chante Markus ( Lower Dauphin)

Who is the East Coast Index? 


Shootout Honor Roll


National Collegiate
Jeff Fara reporting for the NCC talks with Pierre Reyes from New Hampshire


Spring 2008
1- The Prystal Scouting  Boy's Report
2- The Prystal Scouting  Girl's Report
3- National Collegiate Combine, Boys and Girls
4- Ed O'Brien's Video Highlights, HERE

5- Larry Hennessy's  Picks, HERE
6- East Coast Index boys, HERE
7- East Coast Index girls,
Fall 2007
1-Prystal results   HERE
2-Hennessey  results  HERE
3-National CC results HERE
4-East Coast Index results HERE
-2007 Shootout Pictures  HERE
-Scouting Services Composite  HERE
Spring 2007
1-National Collegiate Combine
2-The Prystal Scouting Service
3-Larry Hennessy's Top 40 Picks Boys
4-Larry Hennessy's Girl's Sweet Sixteen

      "You ran a great shootout, thank you!"
          (Angela Palmerio, Lansdale Catholic, PA)

Fall 2006
1-Prystal Picks: Boy's PA/MD Shootout
2-Prystal Picks: Girl's PA/MD Shootout
3-Larry Hennessy's Top 40 Picks Boys
4-Larry Hennessy's Girl's Sweet Sixteen
National Collegiate Shootout Choices

Summer 2006
  June  Shootout  Boy's and Girl's All-Stars
Spring 2006
  2006 Spring Shootout Girl's  All-Stars, HERE
 2006 Spring Shootout  Boy's top 40 
2006 Shootout Top  Underclassmen   HERE
Spring 2005
 2005 Shootout  Boy's and Girl's  All-Stars-   HERE
2005 Shootout Top Underclassmen  HERE
Fall 2005
  Oct 9, 2005, Alvernia College Shootout   HERE

Fall 2004  (There were two Fall events in 2004)
Fall Oct 10, 2004 Boy's Shootout Top 40
  Fall Oct 10, Girl's Shootout Top 20    HERE
Oct 3rd  2004 Reading Shootout Top 20  HERE


Prystal Scouting Service

Fall 2008
"Top Pick of the Day" -Stephanie Gardner Glassboro, NJ





Darius Ables
Baltimore, MD

A Shootout favorite and  dubbed "Neon Deon" for his flashy attire that matches his flashy style on the court!

Spring 2004
Harrisburg April 18 Boy's    HERE

Cumberland Valley April 18 Girl's  HERE

Empire State Shootout, Syracuse, NY
April 25th, Bishop Grimes H. S. 

1999 Boys  Shootout
Sunday Sept 26

1998 Boy's Shootout

1998 Girl's Shootout

97 Shootout Recap




#21, Chelsey Hropovich,
Laurel Valley from the Johnstown area


top scouting services


each player receives a mesh reversible jersey





Colleges that have attended in the past  HERE