Elite College Exposure Shootout
Sept 30, 2012

Penn State Harrisburg University
Middletown, PA

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The 140 members of our "Partnership with Colleges and Universities" will receive information in our Shootout follow-up.  We want to thank these college coaches for their input with their participation in scouting the players for their respective schools at our past event:


Prystal Scouting
 Service Report
HERE     boy's HERE

East Coast
boys  HERE
girls   HERE

Coaches Consensus

Examine the past results:
-Oct 9, 2011 (Penn State Harrisburg)
-June 5, 2011 (Middletown H S)
-May 22, 2011 (Auburn, NY)
April 17, 2011 (PSU  Harrisburg)
-October 2010 Results
-April 2010 Results

-October 2009 Results


David  Chetrit
Mesiva Bonim (NY)

Rashon Smith
Battlefield (VA)

Noah Huff

Manser Beauplan
Winslow (NJ)

Darriele Jefferson
Middletown (NY)

Chandler Junk
Upper Perkiomen

Emmanuel Kema
Union (NJ)

Marcus Payne
Perry St Prep (DC)

             Spring Shootout Special: Elite College Exposure Shootout-
                                 April 6, 2013, East Pennsboro H S, Enola, PA
A new feature for Elite Shootouts. The "Rizzo's Top 20" will be featured on two highlight videos produced from the spring event. The highlight videos (one for girls and one for boys) will be sent to 500 college coaches. We will accept only the first 80 girls and first 100 boys who apply. The "Rizzo's Top 20" will be chosen by the scouting services and coaches. The Rizzo Video Productions Recruiting Team will do the video work and all the games that are played will be available in individual player videos for purchase for players to use as part of their recruiting portfolio and all of the girls and boys will be eligible to compete to be named to the "Rizzo's Top 20" Highlight Video. There will be a separate "Top 20 Girls" and a separate "Top 20 Boys" named.  Applications are now being accepted until the limit of 80 for girls and 100 for boys are reached. ------APPLICATION---