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Dec 7,  2012 story   Dec 7, 1941 The Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor
Dec 7, 2012 we remember all those who gave up their basketball season to serve their country!!

The 1942-43 Susquehanna Twp. High School basketball team won 10 games and lost 6, a tall willowy Sophomore Dan Kline scored 116 points that year, the most by a Susquehanna Twp. Sophomore at the time, The next year, the 1943-44 team went 18 and 1, a great season and Dan Kline scored 261 points as a Junior, a school record that lasted for twenty years. That meant that Susquehanna Twp. was poised for a great 1944-45 season with the 6'4" Dan Kline returning for his senior year.
But suddenly the world changed, the Japanese attacked American forces at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941! Danny Kline's brother was blown off a ship in that attack, fortunately he survived, but 2,343 other Americans died on that day.
In the next few days, one third of the young men in the Susquehanna Twp. Senior Class left school and signed up to defend their country, that included one of the best athletes in the state, Dan Kline. He gave up his senior year to serve his country!   Story HERE

Dec 5,  2012 story   Red Land = LaSalle vs Penn State
Steve Zach vs Jermaine Marshall

Patriot News photo, Steve Zach)
Wednesday Dec 5, 2012
Steve Zach and his LaSalle teammates put out a balanced attack to defeat the Penn State Nittany Lions (4-4) and Jermaine Marshall- 82-57.  They were both former players at Red Land High School in Central Pennsylvania. Congratulations to Red Land High School  and their coach, Scott Slayton, who can be proud of their accomplishments.  But tonight they were college players on opposite sides of the court. Jermaine Marshall fouled out with 19 points in the losing effort.   It was close at the half, but the LaSalle Explorers (5-1) ran away with it in the second half in a game played at the historic Palestra in Philadelphia.  Taylor Dunn, the son of former Penn State coach Jerry Dunn was also a key player for LaSalle.  He grew up in State College and now found himself helping defeat the team he used to root for.   Find the Palestra and other historic basketball venues in our Hall of Fame

Listen to the Penn State Basketball Game on the Radio (Wilkes Barre WILK 103.1 FM)   HERE

The Palestra (Mike Anderson photo)


Nov 2012 story..........#15, Rick Litts playing for Delaware Valley goes to the hoop to score (often!)


              Date:   Feb 27, 1970
Score: Del Valley 125   Honesdale  110

Mike Richards scores 78 and 5'9 Rick Litts scores 67 in a Wayne County League game (no three point rule then)

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A total of 235 points were scored in this game, but there was a Pennsylvania high school game on Feb  3, 1998 when 257 were scoredGo to Basketball Records

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Nov 2012 story...Basketball is a game of giants
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,or is it?
In 1983, Baltimore Dunbar won the championship, led by 5'3 Tyrone "Muggsy" Bogues-he went on to Wake Forest University where he led the ACC in minutes played for three years before going on to a career in the NBA.  Who are the best guards under 5'10 this year who will be impact players.  We already have a list of 35 players from the past, find them here-Best male players under 5'10" to play the game
 Who can you recommend for this year?  Send to:
(Left, the Bogues 1990 Fleer Basketball Card)



  Manute Bohl
who entered  the NBA in 1985 at 7'7"- his main forte was as a shot blocker
(Official NBA card, 1990)


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