Prystal Scouting Service
     Top Two Dozen

Tom Prystal
P. O Box  843
Auburn, NY  13021

Listed by the alphabet
Mike Briscoe, "good "d" -good boards
Brian Berry, smooth, consistent
Davon Boyd, great shot, ability to block shots
Arnold Coleman, excellent shooter
Logan Budman, strong rebounder
Sam Diaz, excellent shooter
Clay Failor, tough, aggressive, great penetrator
Cullen Farrell, great court presence
Donnell Glover, in-control; aggressive
Drew Hurst, great passing, all around hustle
Jimmy Jefferson, good hustler, good d
Jeremy Hairston, good quickness, hustler
Stuart Holmes, good all around game
Eric Johnson, best shooter; good d
Jermaine Marshall, blocked several shots with authority
Andrew Mantz. tough on boards, good shot
Simon O'Leary, big, tough, shot blocker
Nathaniel Rambacher, strong d, good passer
Kevin Repress, fundamentally sound
Harry Robinson, hustles: good shot
Rhett Sheibley, excellent passer; sees court well
Stanley Shelton, good passer; excellent d
Tyler Spancake, worked well on offensive boards
Corey Sutton, sees court well, nice shot



Listed by the alphabet
Michelle Bauer, great passer, shooter
Ashton Bankos, sees court very well
Kelsey Balascak, quickness on d, helps well
Samantha Cipar, good hustle, strong d
Ashton Clark, good moves, good d
Mel Cooper, hustles, plays tough defense
Karli Engle, good freshman prospect
Breda Hammond, takes control, a force on the court
Jordan Lawson, good rebounder, nice shot
Brittany Lease, good shooter, good passer
Emily Livingston, best guard, great passer
Andreu Matter, excellent passer, great defense
Jenna Matter, "the best Freshman," very good
Kristen Mitchell, good driver, finishes well
Jamie Norris, tough, strong rebounder
Angela Palmiero, strong defensive player, makes steals
Megan Philips, "an outstanding Freshman,"
Leeann Randall, positions well, smart player
Rachael Scheller, strong move to the basket
Kelly Sober, excellent on the boards, strong
Elli Steward, consistent, good team player
Sara Trimarco, good outside shot
Cyara Woodridge, nice shooter, good team player
Stephanie Yetter, nice shot, team player


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