I highly recommend that you sign up and attend, this is your future.  Tom Prystal

The Prystal Plan works

Choose your colleges
(choose as many as you want)

Invite them to watch

Tom Prystal has been running  a basketball and football scouting service for 18 years.  He covers all of the Big 60 events in both the spring and the fall  and also works  events in Pennsylvania and New York in the summer.  In the fall, he covers high school football in North Carolina.  He has offices in Auburn (NY) and Wake  Forest (NC).

For maximum exposure at this event-
1-If your being recruited, send an email to the schools which are recruiting you- tell them what time your games are and where they can find them on the internet.

2-If you have not been recruited, but you are interested in some schools- find the school on the internet and find the email address of the coach-send him/her an email telling them of your interest in their program and tell them what time your games will be online so they can watch you

Division I Schools -347                                       Division II Schools – 317                                 Division III Schools -451
3-Send them two emails, -one- once you sign up for our event, then send the –second- email once you check our website  two days before the event.  Locate your name on a roster, and match your team with the schedule listed on our site---  then you can tell coaches what time you play.

4-REMEMBER-Two days before the Showcase, the Big 60 posts the rosters and the schedule at www.pahoops.org    and the link to watch the live streaming


 Live streaming allows D-1 coaches to watch!   D-1, D-2 and D-3 watch 
.  Live streaming makes high numbers s possible for every Showcase.

In addition, all three of your games are placed on YOUtube for coaches to study at any time!


FOR AN APPLICATION, GO TO www.pahoops.org