Friday Nite Pizzza Tournaments- Summer 2012, St. Marys, PA (Elk County)

 The Annual Summer Pizza Basketball Tournament is in its 40th year at Memorial Park in St, Marys, PA.    The event is open to any basketball players to enter a 3 man team, no age restrictions, no entry fee, double-elimination, full court. For information on entering the event, call the park office at 814-834-9418. The event is held every Friday during the summer, and over the 40 years has drawn players from numerous states and communities, high school players, college players, sometimes teams made up of family members. Every one who loves to play basketball should organize a three-man (or include girls) team and travel at least once in their basketball lifetime to participate in this event. Be at the park by 7:00 pm.

For live action, footage, and a front row seat to the Pizza Tournament check out youtube and click on  #PIZZATOURNAMENT

Week 7- Dylan Reigel, Parker Houselor, Zach Reigel, and Luke Daghir (Team name- Finest 4) week 7 Pizza Tournament was held indoors at St. Mary's Elementary School due to rainy weather.

Week 6: Luke Tomaselli, AJ Seelye, and Shad Boschert (Team name- Toe-Nails)

Week 5: On Friday July 6, Memorial Park had its weekly 40th annual Pizza Tournament. Eighteen teams came to take their talents to the hard court, even though the local businesses' electronic signs had the temperature around 95 degrees. Not only was the temperature hot but so were some of the areas finest athletes. Team Three Old Guys and Young One (Lopaka Hoohuli, Dan Zeigler, Chris Priester, and Zack Smith) took home the week 5 championship, but it wasnt easy. The second place team "Center Street" (Luke Daghir, Scott Krellner, Tyler Herzing) were in the championship with no losses, including a win over Three Old Guys and Young One. With a few three pointers, reverse layups and a slam dunk later; we had our newest Pizza Tournament champions "Three Old Guys and Young One." Dons Pizza is the sponsor of the Memorial Park Pizza Tournament.

The Winning Team
 Dan Zeigler,
Lopaka Hoohuli, Chris Priester, and Zack Smith

(Credit:  Park Photo)


Week 4: of the 40th annual Pizza Tournament their were 21 teams consisting of 75 contestants from all over the area. Participants were from Kersey, Smethport, Johnsonburg, Ridgway, Emporium, Dubois, and St. Marys. Team Bench Warmers (Marcus Genevro, Lopaka Hoohuli, Greg Wonderly) went undefeated through the 21 team tournament to win the championship against team Spring Gobbler Guys (Jordan Weinzierl, Bobby Vollmer, Rocco Harshberger, Ben Daghir). Memorial Park would like to thank everyone for participating in this weeks tournament. The Pizza Tournament is held every Friday night at 7pm. For any information on any activity held at Memorial Park call us at 834-9418.

The Winning Team
Marcus Genevro, Lopaka Hoohuli, Greg Wonderly

(Credit:  Park Photo)


Week 3


The Winning Team
Clayton Housler, Parker Housler, Luke Daghir



(June 27, 2012, St. Mary's Daily Press)



Week 2


The Winning Team
Jordan Weinzierl, Bobby Vollmer, Ben Daghir




(June 21, 2012, St. Mary's Daily Press)


Week 1



The Winning Team
Ryan Hockman, Dylan Reigel, and Joe Jacob
(Credit:  Park Photo)