Itinerary for Sunday October 31st  College Exposure Shootout
at Spooky Nook Sports, 
2913 Spooky Nook Rd, Manheim, PA 17545 

On Friday October 29,  two days before the event,we will post the rosters and games schedule for the players and college coaches on our website at
There is no admission fee-but Spooky Nook will charge a $5.00 per car parking fee) Covid guidelines should be followed.    There is no limit on fans from each family.

The games will run from 8:30 to about  4:45

1-When you arrive, sign in to get your jersey number and a copy of the schedule.

2-Report to your assigned court prior to your game and identify yourself to your coach,

3-All players will get  equal playing time- we don’t keep score.

4-Registered PIAA officials will referee, we don’t shoot foul shots, but instead the referee will award the ball to the team that was fouled at the nearest spot on the sideline.

5-All the games are televised and “live streamed”  nationwide and around the world.    We  use  play by play announcers and color analysts for each game.  We run games on two  courts .

Anyone, parents, relatives college coaches and fans can watch the games for free by going to a link on our website at

6-The TV people will elect an MVP from each team for each game.    Those MVP players should report to the  TWITTER TABLE  after the game to Have  their photo taken.

7-There will be a concession stand.

8-After your last  game you can leave Spook Nook and head for home.  Players get to keep their game jersey.

9-The following week the games will be placed on YOU TUBE FOR  FREE,  

10-Highlight  videos will be offered for sale (email

11-In two weeks or more the East Coast  Index Report and the Prystal Report will  be posted on our website  at
12-The Games Schedule for Sunday


October 31 Schedule

                        Blue Court 1              Blue   Court 2

8:30         8-11                                                   9-10
9:06               2-7                                                      Black v. Red
9:42               3-6                                                      Green v. Gray
10:18             8-9                                                      10-11
10:54             4-5                                                      Lt. Blue v. Purple
11:30             1-2                                                      Yellow v. Black
12:06             8-10                                                   9-11
12:42             4-7                                                      Lt. Blue v. Red
1:18               5-6                                                      Purple v. Gray
1:54               1-3                                                      Yellow v. Green
2:30               6-7                                                      Gray v. Red
3:06               1-4                                                      Yellow v. Lt. Blue
3:42               2-6                                                      Gray v. Black
4:18               3-5                                                      Purple v. Green

Boys teams are #1 to #11, Girls teams are colors

Boys Team 6 plays 4 Games!
 Girls Gray team plays 4 games)