Larry Hennessey Assessments
Pennsylvania/Maryland Shootout 2008, PSU Harrisburg for Boys and Girls

Note: this is a work in progress. we will be adding more players.

Steals can turn the game around!
This is my Defensive Steals Team
#11, Elizabeth Satkovich, Someset
#25, Megan Boyer, Millersburg
#53, Randy Yost, Warwick
#56, Nicholas Ross, Suitland, (MD)
#66, Brendan McNulty, Malvern Prep
#68, Matt Zera, Pittston
#141, Kyle Neff, Pequea Valley
Unselfish play leads to team victories!
This is my All-Unselfish Team
#5, Jen Fink, New Oxford
#53, Randy Yost, Warwick
#55, Thomas Klinger, Methacton
#65, DeAnna Waters, Henry Wise (MD)
#83, Taj Hammond, Lancaster McCaskey
#100, Billy Nadolsky, Bellefonte
#115, Kurt Sohn, Lebanon Catholic
Seeing the passing lanes promotes the offense!
This is my Top Passing Team
#4, Yelissa Boyer, Lampeter-Strasburg
#30, Alyesha Lovett, Shabbazz (NJ)
#61, Four McGlynn, Dallastown
#69, Andrew Placeres, Elizabethtown
#75, Sean McGough, Bishop Shananan
#184, Donta Kane, Carver (MD)
Aggressive play leads to team victories!
This is my All-Aggressive Team
#15, Brianna Thomas, Gettysburg
#38, Ashley Covel, Dunbar (MD)
#57, Keith Shepard, Wyncote Academy
#78, Anthony Gregory, Carver (MD)
#96, Patrick Donato, Hempfield
#158, Clayton Bodden, Wyomissing
Will be a member of your starting team!
This is my All Inclusive Skills Team
#7, Brianna Kiesel, Proctor (NY)
#8, Danielle Rittenhouse, Lampeter Strasburg
#17, Kathleen Schuckers, Morris Catholic (NJ)
#94, Donnell Glover, Carver (MD)
#110, Matt Schatzmann, Pequea Valley
#162, Jon DeShields, Delco Christian
#178, Breland Roach, Harrisburg
 Underclassmen who will make an immediate impact!
This is my Dick Vitale "Diaper Dandy" team
#13, Cecilia Siegel, Perry, Ohio (2010)
#20, Bria Young, Prep Charter (2011)
#28, Najah Jacobs, Philadelphia Central (20110
#72, Desi Washington, Central Dauphin (2010)
#76, Arnold White, Carver, Maryland (2010)
#143, Brian Parker, Chichester (2010)
#255, Taylor McDuffie, Hempfield (2010)
Contibutions come from all facets of the game!
This is my "Bill Russell" Shot  Blocking Team (see Russell below)
#22, Ambraea Johnson, Gettysburg
#37, Amy Zehner, Tamaqua
#65, DeAnna Waters, Henry Wise (MD)
#78, Anthony Gregory, Carver (MD)
#88, Nate Bollinger, Spring Grove (2010)
#111, Joe Schwalm, Halifax
#155, Ibn Ugdah, Academy@Palumbo
Rebounds provide put backs and fast breaks!
This is my "Chairman of the Boards" team
#23, Miesha Cousins, Susquehanna Twp.
#34, Jenny Rongione, Conwell Eagen
#39, Renee Fritz, Lampeter Strasburg
#96, Matthew Donato, Hempfield
#116, Ryan Taylor, Lancaster Catholic
#159, Grant Mummert, Hanover
#260, Stephen Zack, Red Land

What did we see?

#1, Lacey Balascask- has the long jumper; is effective in traffic; can rebound for size.

#2, Kelsey Balascask- terrific in the open court; can score off the dribble.

#4, Yelissa Boyer- great passer; has a nice shot; all-around player.

#6, Jenny Kaufman- can finish and score; has the ability to drive to the hoop.

#7, Brianna Kiesel- great handle; can use either hand; can create; all around skills.

#10, Amanda Lally- has the long range jumper; team player; scored put backs.

#14, Lauren Smicherko- has a nice jumper; can make moves to score; works well inside.

#15, Brianna Thomas-good rebounder; good shooter; playes hard.

#17, Kathleen Schuckers- goes hard to basket; plays good "D"; blocks shots.

#18, Anbrer Mae Hess-Moore- works well on the break; good fakes; can take it.

-she started varsity as an 8th grader
-she turned a lot of heads at the Shootout
-she is easily the best from the class of 2011 in the Pennsylvania /Maryland /New York area

Brianna Kiesel
Proctor H. S.

Utica, NY

#20, Bria Young-

#22, Ambraea Johnson, nice follow to the basket; has a nice jumper; a nice team player; blocks shots.

#23, Miesha Cousins, can rebound; can finish; comfortable in post.

#24, Lianna Herring, nice moves with the ball; talented in the post; can finish.

#30, Alyesha Lovett- great passer can finish; goes to the hoops; hustles.

#31, Nasia Olinger- quick on "D"; will give you results; good fundamentals

#32, Kayla Oxenrider- good anticipation; can take to score; smooth.

#37, Amy Zehner- has a nice jumper; can block shots; can execute in all facets of game.

#38, Ashley Covell- works well in post; can score; always hustling.

#43, Louis Cipriano- has the spin move; can add the floater; can drive and finish.

- Baltimore All Metro Girls Hoops 1st Team
-FOX 45 Player of the Week
-Baltimore Sun Girls Athlete of the Week
Ashley Covell
Dunbar H. S.

Baltimore, MD

#53, Randy Yost- made multiple steals; good fakes; unselfish passer.

#55, Thomas Klinger-active, quick feet; nice jumper; very good range; good drive to score; unselfish.

#57, Keith Shepard- aggressive defense; can make the steal, can pass; can rebound.

#61, Four McGlynn- nice jumper; can finish; can pass and will pass effectively.

#66, Brendan McNulty- can drive to bucket; can make the steal; shows range on his jumper.

#65, DeAnna Waters- at 5'7 she has all the tools and can execute; can even block shots; good inside.

#68, Matt Zera- feeds the post well; nice jumper; quick moves; can make the steal.

#69, Andrew Placeres- passing skills to create; good all around; nice shooting form.

#71, Casey Ward- good outside range; works the boards; good post feed.

#73, Anthony Coleman- makes good cuts; can finish; can catch and score.

#75, Sean McGough- can finish; has a nice long jumper; very effective passer.

-started as a freshman and helped lead the team into the District Three playoffs
-plays AAU ball for the fast paced York Ballers in the off season

Four McGlynn
Dallastown H. S.

Dallastown, PA

#78, Anthony Gregory- dunks, blocks shots, makes the steal; he makes things happen.

#82, Robbie Bleiler- can rebound, good fakes, nice jumper, can catch and score.

#83, Taj Hammond-unselfish passer; nice jumper off dribble; good range.

#93, Ryan Rosenberry-nice interior passing; has moxie; good outside range.

#94, Donnell Glover, the man can flat out play the game; he can make an immediate impact.

#96, Patrick Donato- aggressive rebounder; has the half-hook in is repertoire; nice post moves.

#98, Naamon Johnson- athletic; plays hard; good finisher.

#99, Josh Lauver- good fakes to score; good finisher; nice jumper; good anticipation.

#110, Matt Schatzmann- at 6'2 can block shots; a rugged finish to score; great driver to score.

#111, Joe Schwalm- at 6'2 he has all the tools and can execute;  as a sophomore, will only get better.

#115, Kurt Sohn- can drive to the hoop; unselfish passer; can attack the glass and add put-backs.

-at 5'7 (left in photo), she  does all the little things that make her teammates better
-she was judged to be one of the best from the Class of 2011
-she is definitely is a "Player to Watch"
DeAnna Waters
Henry Wise H. S. (2012)

Upper Marlboro,  MD

#141, Kyle Neff-  can score in the post and hit the perimeter jumper; good defender; can make the steal.

#143, Brian Parker- good handle; moves well to basket; at 6'3 he has all the tools and can execute.

#155, Ibn Ugdah- has the half hook, a nice jumper; plays larger than 6'3"

#158, Clayton Bodden- is aggressive on the boards; great hustle; can work well inside.

#162, Jon DeShields- goes to the hole; mobile; athletic; "very good."

#159, Grant Mummert- good rebound; strong on the drive; has good posting posture.

#178, Breland Roach- can move the ball in the open court; can penetrate in traffic and dish; smooth.

#183, Jonathan McCullum- can finish inside; can move without the ball; aggressive on the boards.

#184, Donta Kane- can rebound; can add put backs; passes lead to scores; nice jumper.

#255, Taylor McDuffie- good inside presence; can post up, can rebound, can score.

Who will be our next Shootout Alumni Player to play in the Olympics? T
his player from Solanco H. S. in Lancaster County was the last.
Sarunas Jasikevicius
Solanco H.S. scored 28  in the 2004 Olympics  leading Lithuania to an upset win over the U. S.

Hennessey Note: most  young players may not understand the "Bill Russell" blocked shot.  Many times you see players swat a shot into the stands, and fans scream their approval.  But, the other team still gets the ball out of bounds.  However, the "Russell" blocked shot was a soft block  that kept the ball in play and  allowed the defensive team to start the fast break in the other direction.  The defensive advantage is not style points for the block, it's taking possession of the ball.  Wikipedia says "Bill Russell was widely considered one of the best defensive players in NBA history. His shot-blocking and man-to-man defense were major reasons for the Boston Celtics' success, and he inspired other players to elevate their own defensive play."  He played "back in the day"- from 1956 to 1969.

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