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Larry Hennessey Assessments
Spring Shootout, April 5, 2009--Penn State-Harrisburg, Middletown, PA

Larry Hennessey, Philadelphia, PA   19115
Pennsylvania/Maryland Spring 2009, Penn State-Harrisburg for Boys and Girls
Note: Some players gained a spot on more than one of these teams by their stellar play!

Alex Schmidt
(2010) St. Mark's (DE)
at 6' 8" one of the top big men at the Shootout-
pictured here, he and his dad enjoy the break between games.  Each player plays in the three games during the day long event. (Photo by Bill Gaffey)



The big A word, ASSISTS!
This is my All Assists Team-

#5, Justine Hook, Berwick
27, Katie Sinnott, Long Island Lutheran (NY)
#39, Ryan Hill, Steelton
#56, Eric Surra, Exeter
#73, Trevor Pugh, Middletown
#160, Bre-Mahr Manning, Middletown
Steals can turn the game around!
This is my Defensive Steals Team-
#4, Elizabeth Houser, Northern Lebanon
#20, Chelsey Hropovich, Laurel Valley
#45, Zac Hoy, Mifflinburg
#64, Donald Dawson, Frederick (MD)
#68, Nicolas Salmon, Exeter
#96, Brian Parker, Chichester
#119, Joshua Brown, William Allen
#121, Taylor McDuffie, Hempfield
Unselfish play leads to team victories!
This is my All-Unselfish Team-
#9, Charlene Hook, Berwick
42, Michael Boxley, Brandywine (DE)
#76, Sam Cornell, Penn Manor
#87, Zachery Shaffer, Dover
#112, Don Coleman, Herkimer (NY)
#125, Devin Ugdah, Academy@
Rebounds provide put backs and fast breaks!
This is my "Chairman of the Boards" team-
#18, Hailie Cintron, Allentown Dieruff
#27,  Katie Sinnott, Long Island Lutheran
#72, Kysheem Lynch, Jim Thorpe
#121, Taylor McDuffie, Hempfield
#122, Brian Scholly, State College
#124, Tyler Brooks, Daniel Boone
#126, Harley Sellinger, Central Mountain
#172,  Lee Eckert, Hempfield
#173, Tyrone McFadden, Hempfield


    Matt       Seifert

Vicki Rucker
Clarkstown North (NY)


Walter Noel
Towson Catholic (MD)

Dylan Edgar
6'9 Mechanicsburg

Ethan Strayer

    Chante Markus
    Lower Dauphin
The big D word, DEEEEEFENSE!
This is my All Defensive Team-

#2, Morgan Craft, Sullivan County
#10, Sara King Northern Lebanon
#31, Amber Hess-Moore, Steelton
#39, Ryan Hill, Steelton
#41, Cody Bollinger, Spring Grove
Eric Surra, Exeter
#59, Kevin Ryan, Brookfield (CT)
Harley Sellinger, Central Mountain
#134, Benjamin Savidge, Exeter
Can you finish what you start?
My "all-finish" team resulting in putting points on the board-

#24, Brianne Benton, Owen J. Roberts
#68, Nicholas Salmon, Exeter
#107, Dylan Davis, Notre Dame of Utica (NY)
#114, Walter Noel, Towson Catholic (MD)
#115, Taylor Groff, Lampeter-Strasburg
#119, Joshua Brown, William Allen

How can you have a Shootout without shooters!
"Ready, aim, fire! Had a nice jumper!-
#56, Eric Surra, Exeter
#90, Four McGlynn, Dallastown
#91, Anthony Germani, Allentown Central Catholic
#92, Cale Correll, Mansfield
#133, Royce Hunsburger, LaPlata (MD)
#175, Anthony D'Imperio, Warwick
Seeing the passing lanes promotes the offense!
This is my Top Passing Team-

#1, Regina Argenzio, TZHS (NY)
#6, Vickie Zucker, Clarkstown North  (NY)
#27, Katie Sinnott, Long Island Lutheran (NY)
#45, Zac Hoy, Mifflinburg
#59, Kevin Ryan, Brookfield (CT)
#73, Trevor Pugh, Middletown
#82, Matthew Schottman, Boonsboro (MD)
#135, Matthew Maloney, Blue Mountain
Can hit the "3 point" shot!
This is my "Long Range Bomber"  team-
#62, David Vining,
#71, Michael Diminick, Trinity
#80, Ryan Corrigan, Bishop McDevitt (Harrisburg)
#100, Ethan Strayer, Hempfield
#122, Brian Scholly, State College
#135, Matthew Maloney, Blue Mountain
Can protect and  force players to change the trajectory of shots
This is my close to the rim  team-
#132, Steve Zac (6' 9") Red Land
#131, Dylan Edgar (6' 9") Mechanicsburg
#130, Matthew Seifert (6' 9") Exeter
#129, Alex Schmidt (6' 8") St. Mark's (DE)
#128, Vladimir Vukovich (6' 7") Crisfield (MD)
#74,   Carlee Hirt (6' 0) John Jay (NJ)
#29,  NeKeia Evans, (6'2) Harvey (OH) -2012


NeKeia Evans,
6'2, 2012

Greg Bozman, Crisfield Academy (MD)

 Chelsey Hropovich, Laurel Valley

 Four McGlynn,             Dallastown

 Kysheem Lynch
     Jim Thorpe H.S.


Contibutions come from all facets of the game!
This is my "Bill Russell" Shot  Blocking Team
(see Russell below)
#24, Brianne Benton, Owen J. Roberts
#27,  Katie Sinnott (6' 1"), Long Island Lutheran
#96, Brian Parker, Chichester
#103, Jason Layer, Century (MD)
#107, Dylan Davis, Notre Dame of Utica (NY)
#130, Matthew Seifert, Exeter
Quick to the ball, or quick on "D",  or quick to the boards!
This is my "All Quickness"  team
#64, Donald Dawson, Frederick (MD)
#77, Breland Roach, Harrisburg
#101, Troy Hockaday, LaSalle College H.S.
#104, Matt Jones, Herkimer (NY)
Aggressive play leads to team victories!
This is my All-Aggressive Team
#38, Jamell Flemming, Steelton
#39, Ryan Hill, Steelton
#41, Alonna Williams, Middletown
#42, Michael Boxley, Brandywine (DE)
#114, Walter Noel, Towson Catholic (MD)
#119,  Joshua Brown, William Allen
 Tim Massado, St. Elizabeth's (DE)
#174, Tyler George, ElCO
Scouting Report: "Will take you off the dribble"
You will need help guarding this player
#8, Chante Markus, Lower Dauphin
#64, Donald Dawson, Frederick (MD)
#80, Ryan Corrigan, Bishop McDevitt (Harrisburg)
#101, Troy Hockaday, LaSalle College H.S.
#107, Dylan Davis, Notre Dame of Utica (NY)
#153, Taj Turner, Susquehanna Twp.
Slam, bam, thank you mamm!
This is my all slam dunk team
#96, Brian Parker, Chichester
#120, Keven Onyeaka, C. D. East
#130, Matthew Seifert (6' 9") Exeter
#132, Steve Zac (6' 9") Red Land

Teams thrive on HUSTLE, the indispensible commodity!
HUSTLE does not appear in the stats, it creates victories!-7
#18, Hailie Cintron, Allentown Dieruff
#21, Shaquille Craddock, Carson Long Military
#45, Zac Hoy, Mifflinburg
#57, DeVaughn Lee, Manheim Central
#64, Donald Dawson, Frederick (MD)
#115, Taylor Groff, Lampeter-Strasburg
#133, Royce Hunsburger, LaPlata (MD)
Underclassmen destined to make an  impact!

This is my Dick Vitale "Diaper Dandy" team
#6, Vickie Rucker, Clarkstown North  (NY)
#14, Jenna Parson, Shippensburg
#22, Nasia Olinger, Holy Cross (VA)
#28, Tanae Ming, Wickliffe (OH)
#48, Larry Kerns, Faith Christian (WV)
#57, DeVaugn Lee, Manheim Central
#85, Joe Myers, Archbishop Carroll
#69, Greg Bozman, Crisfield Academy (MD)
#110, Ryan Warner, Boiling Springs
#123, Seth Warren, Dover
#124, Tyler Brooks, Daniel Boone
#159, Michael Torres, Arlington Baptist (MD)
#171, Tim Massado, St. Elizabeth's (DE)
#172, Lee Eckert, Hempfield
#177, Michael McInerney, York Suburban
     Alonna Williams
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Evaluations and assessments, courtesy Larry Hennessey, Philadelphia, PA   19115

My All-Star Team

Joshua Brown, Allentown Allen
Don Coleman, Herkimer (NY)
Ryan Corrigan, Bishop McDevitt (Harrisburg)
Donald Dawson, Frederick (MD)
Anthony D'Imperio, Warwick
Lee Eckert, Hempfield
Dylan Edgar, Mechanicsburg
Anthony Germani, Allentown Central Catholic
Ryan Hill, Steelton
Troy Hockaday, LaSalle College H.S.

Four McGlynn, Dallastown
Kysheen Lynch, Jim Thorpe
Brian Parker, Chichester
Matthew Maloney, Blue Mountain
Tayler McDuffie, Hempfield
Thomas McInerney, York Suburban
Kevin Onyeaka, C.D. East
Kevin Ryan, Brookfield (CT)
Brian Scholly, State College
Mathew Seifert, Exeter
Taj Turner, Susquehanna Twp.

Malik West, LaSalle College H.S.
My First Team

Kimberly Andruscavage, Mt. Carmel
Lindsey Alexander, Lor Moreland
Carlee Hirt, John Jay (NJ)
Valerie MiMuro, TZHS (NY)
Chante Markus, Lower Dauphin

My Second Team
Hailie Cintron, Allentown Dieruff
Sara King, Northern Lebanon
Towni Ruby, Spring Grove
Vicki Rucker, Clarkstown North (NY)
DeAnna Waters, Dr. Henry Wise (MD)

Honorable Mention
Morgan Smith, Springfield Twp.
NeKeia Evans, Harvey (OH)
Jen Nevius, Francis Scott Key (MD)
Justin Hook, Columbia-Montour
Heather Bolick, Mt. Carmel

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