Elite College Exposure Shootout
October 10, 2010

at Penn State-Harrisburg University campus

The Elite College Exposure Shootout by HOOPS provides the most extensive coverage for the players who participate in our events.  No other event publishes such an in depth analysis. 

1-The Prystal Scouting Report
filed by Tom Prystal, Auburn, NY
Prystal Report for Girls HERE
Prystal Report for BoysHERE

2-The National Collegiate Combine
NCC Boys Selections  HERE
NCC Girls Selections  HERE

3-The East Coast Index
filed by Robby Marusak, Blakeslee, PA.
Boys Selections, 
Girls Selections,   HERE

4-The Larry Hennessey Review and Photo Gallery which takes a different look at player contributions is a compilation of coaches comments at the event this year
Hennessey Review, HERE

5-Individual player videos completed by Human Highlight Productions, HERE
6-Player photographs.
7-Reports sent to over 100 colleges thru our exclusive
Partnership with Colleges and Universities program.  This is the list which continues to grow.  List HERE
8-Next HOOPS Shootout in April 2011


Penn State Beaver
        Chad Rea
       Boys Basketball Coach

Jeff Fara
National Collegiate Combine Scouting

James Poole, the assistant basketball coach at Howard Community College brought his grandson to the Shootout.  He told us. "he was very impressed with the event!"


Mike Miller, Messiah College Coach
11 straight years in the NCAA Tournament

Jason Roscoe
Northampton Community
Robbie Marusak
East Coast Index
Scouting Service


Ed Ryan

Tom Prystal from the Prystal Scouting Service talks to a player and her family

Ty Taylor, Cheyney University
Women's Basketball

Terry Barlett, Lebanon Valley College Men's Basketball

Quincell Rahmings
Indian River, NY



James Antonoplos
Harve de Grace (MD)

Photo credits:  Rita Wilhelm (Fredericksburg)

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Classroom sessions were presented  for parents and players concerning NCAA Clearing House and eligibility information

Josiah Russell
Waldorf, MD


Aaron Dinterman
Smithsburg (MD)

     attended his third straight shootout

Michael Kyarunts
Buffalo, NY

Aaron Marvel
Campus Community,DE