Special for the Elite College Exposure Shootout,  April 7, 2013
The April 7th Shootout had the highest attendance in the Shootout's long 27 year history with a ton of college level talent.  My Co Mvp’s were Katrice Dickson from South Hagerstown, Maryland and Gabby Giacone of Bethlehem Central, NY. Dickson was a fantastic guard with high skill level and Basketball IQ. Giacone who also attended with her talented sister Jenna had great face up skills with size. Steel High has won the Pennsylvania State Championship two of the last three years and they sent half a dozen young ladies with a great deal of potential. Marlin Sanchez will have some big shoes to fill next year. She showed she was very capable on the 7th. Here is my “Top 40”:  See you in Lancaster June 2nd.


East Coast Director
Robbie Marusak
 HC #1,  Box  539
Blakeslee, Pa   18610  

East Coast Index "Top 40"

Katrice Dickson – South Hagerstown, MD
Gabby Giacone – Bethlehem Central, NY
Jenna Giacone – Bethlehem Central, NY
Samantha Krasevic – Harrisburg Christian
Brooke Hinderliter – Red Bank Valley
Kate Senior – Upper Dublin
Aigner Bookard – Agora CCS
LeAnn Gibson – Karns City
Brianna Cappachione – Washington Twp.
Jaynelle Robinson – Williamsport
Bianca Dittmann – Mountain View
Alexis Welch – Bowie MD
Annie Hegedus – Karns City
Ashlee Ruzicka – Quakertown Community
Alexis Rothermel – Gettysburg
Ashlyah Brodhead-Trimm – Kingston, NY
Cameron Kroberger – Shawnee
Susan Guisto – Cameron County
Maura Hendrixon – Garnet Valley
Cy Kay Lippold – East Stroudsburg
Brianna Hodges – North Point, MD
Ali Rinfrette – Bradford
Samantha  Legreaux – Manchester Regional
Elizabeth Mills – Delmar MD
Alexis Fennell – Friendly
Abby Miduri – North Royalton, OH
Bethany Spencer – York Suburban
Jillian Chuddley – North Warren Regional
Mercedes Rideout – Chambersburg
Shayla Lee – Susquehanna Twp.
Mackenzi McErlan – Lenape Regional
Emily Carson – Elmira Notre Dame
Alison Smolinski – North Royalton , OH
Kadijah Robinson – Steel High
Joclyn Hill – Steel High
Monica Brennan – Williamson Central
Madison Koehler – Gover Mifflin
Khristaijan Jackson – Harry S. Truman
Mariah Berguson – North Penn
Lizzy Leiby – Brandywine Heights
Madison – Engle – Millersburg
Kelsey Plonk – York Suburban
Candis Taylor – Randallstown , MD


Mallory Lyon
Cameron County

Jenna Giacone
Bethlehem Central (NY)

Jillian Chuddley
North Warren Regional (NJ)

Cy Kay Lippold
East Stroudsburg

They can play, but can they pass?  Looking precedes passing, thinking helps deliver the pass, teamwork is built around the willingness and ability to pass!
We give a special tip of the hat to the players who have impressed the coaches with their ability to  pass during the Shootout-"passes in transition, passes to the post, assists, finding the open man"
#3, Mariah Berguson, North Penn
#19, Jenna Giacone, Bethlethem Central (NY)
#60, Jasmine Nyce, The Hill School
#64, Koren Joyner, North Point (MD)

Winning the War on the Boards- Players who contributed to their team by providing offensive rebounds that were translated into points.
#27, Brooke Hinderliter, Red Bank Valley
#35, Mallory Lyon, Cameron County
#39, Morgan Okerlund, Smethport
#45, Jaynelle Robinson, Williamsport
#48, Kate Senior, Upper Dauphin
#51, Bethany Spencer, York Suburban
#52, Candis Taylor, New Town (MD)
#73, Kadijah Robinson, Steel High

The 3 point shot was first allowed in college for the 1979-1980 season, in the pros in 1980, and  implemented in Pennsylvania for the 1987 season!
It's now a big part of high school basketball, and the shootout had some "long bombers" with accuracy:
#4, Aigner Bookard, Agora CCS
#14, Katrice Dickson, South Hagerstown (MD)
#19, Jenna Giacone, Bethlethem Central (NY)
#26, Maura Hendrixon, Garnet Valley
#40, Kelsey Plonk, York Suburban
Candis Taylor, New Town (MD)
#57, Abby Miduri, North Royalton (OH)
#63, Susan Guisto, Cameron County
#66, Brianna Hodges, North Point (MD)
#67, Madison Koehler, Governor Mifflin
#73, Kadijah Robinson, Steel High
Jasmine Nyce
 The Hill School
Lizzy Leiby
 Brandywine Heights

Next Shootout is June  2
Lancaster Bible College
Lancaster, PA

-every player's first game will be videotaped and uploaded to YOUtube for part of their college recruiting portfolio- this game is included in the registration fee.

Register early if you want to be guaranteed a spot, we can only take the first 120 boys.
June 2 Application, HERE
The early registration deadline is May 16th

(L) Jenna Giacone, Bethlehem Central (NY) -(R) Morgan Okerlund, Smethport


Brooke Hinderliter,  Redbank Valley
Advancing the ball up court

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April 7 Rizzo "Top 25" and Highlight Video

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Special for the Elite College Exposure Shootout,  April 7, 2013   www.pahoops.org