Dorm Facilities and other information The Pennsylvania/Maryland Basketball Camp is proud to use such beautiful facilities in an  idyllic campus setting!
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Alvernia College
400 St. Bernardine St,   Reading, PA   19607


Each camper has their own room key-we put it on a lanyard to help them keep track of it.  Campers are reminded not to let anyone else use their  key. The campus features 24 hour security every day.
Campers share their room with another player.  New friendships are established that last long after camp in many cases.  The camp has coaches on duty at the dorm at all times to assist, to guide, and to supervise.
The dorms are air-conditioned and are very well kept by the College staff.  A roll call is taken each day to account for all campers.  The camp takes orders for pizza, etc and provides these snack opportunities for all campers in the evening after activities have ended. Each room has a double sink-plenty of room for both boys to brush their teeth and get "spruced up" for the day or before meals.  We provide a "wake-up" call every morning at the camp (it's not a Sheraton wake-up call, we blow the whistle in all the hall ways).
Modern, up to date, clean bathrooms-individual not group.  They are cleaned by the college custodial staff.  Privacy is a lot different than the old days in the Poconos when the camps had group shower facilities and "interesting" toilet facilities!

Concerns, need to call? 
call Mike Gaffey on his cell phone
at 717-903-0732

Remember, lights out at eleven!!

Pennsylvania/Maryland Basketball Camp
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