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Who were the best players to play in District 5? Send in your nominations to add to these lists

A. J. Nastasi, Northern Bedford,  1998
Joe Nastasi, Northern Bedford, 1994
Travis Eisentrout, Berlin Brothersvalley,  2001
Owen Long, Shanksville-Stoneycreek, 1971
Jeffrey Berkey, Shanksville-Stoneycreek, 2006
Pat Snyder, Tussey Mountain,  1993
Antoine Hubbard, Salisbury,  1993
Mike Kasnick, Shade Central City, 1957
Nick Buterbaugh, Myersdale, 2004
Dick Mumma, Bedford, 1980 (drafted by  L A Clippers, Penn State  1984, HERE)
Dennis Clark, Everett, 1972
Dave Delasko, Shade, 1972
Rick Hostetler, Rockwood, 1971 (scored 52 points against Somerset)
Joe Ryan, Windber  All-State selection in 1999
Kevin Charney, Windber (1,000 pt scorer; All PSAC  Lock Haven Univ.)

John Sanow, Windber (1,000 pt scorer; All PSAC  IUP Univ.)
Steve Slatcoff, Windber (1,000 pt scorer; All-State selection in 2003)



Marla McElhaney, McConnellsburg, 1991
Jen Tuscano, Meyersdale Area, 1995
Heidi Babb, Fannett-Mental, 1990
Lindsay Baker, Tussey Mountain, 1997
Kari Zittle, Forbes Road, 1994
Amy Bennett, Hyndman, 1999

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