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The 2008 Camp wil be held July 27-31 at Alvernia College, Reading, PA

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camp 2007 results      



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sights and sounds of the camp

nterviews from the dining hall:
Rhett Sheibley
, Northern H.S.-"The basketball is great, but the ice cream alone is worth the price of the camp."
Cody McDonald, Northern H.S.- "The french fries are better than McDonald's!"
Coach Mark Risser, Annville-Cleona-"The sauce made the nuggets!"
Coach Tom Prystal, Prystal Scouting Service-"in the camps I have seen this summer, the kids seem to perform better when they are well fed, and this camp does the job!"
Andrew Clark, Hempfield-"The pasta is great.  You can even get many different flavors of ice cream!"
Adam Williams, Hempfield- "I love the pasta because of the chunky sauce, and the ice cream because you can make your own sundae!" 
Rod Froth, Oswego- "I used the salad bar every day with my meal. My mom told me to remember my vegetables."
Coach Phay Vaughn, Harrisburg- "I never miss breakfast at camp.  I like the scrambled eggs and the pancakes."
The bottom line:
this past summer, we had reports of some camps which had only one entree and allowed only one helping. Those camps offered peanut butter and jelly if campers were still hungry. At our camp, there were at least three entrees at each meal, unlimited helpings, a salad bar, a desert bar, and an ice cream bar.  Both the coaches and the campers loved the food!  It's been that way every year at Alvernia College and it will stay that way!!

Prystal Scouting Service “Quiz Bowl Champions”
Four McGlynn (Dallastown)
Thomas McInerney (Suburban)

Joe Krzykowski (Susquenita)
Jemell Fleming (Steel High)

copied from notes in the Prystal
Scouting Report on Wednesday Aug 1 

Tonight,  it was the "night of guards" in both the NCAA & NIT divisions. Top point guard in the NCAA division Austin Lawrence made several penetrating moves to the basket which resulted in scores by him or dish offs to his teammates for baskets. Austin also poped in 5 3pointers. Playing on the other team against Austin was slick & smooth moving Kasim McCleod, who also pumped in 4 3 pointers along with several scoring power drives to the hoop. Tray Blanding teamed up with Lawrence in duo manuevers that overpowered their opposition. Brandon Artman  chipped in with 2 3 pointers and some strong penetrating moves to the basket.          In the NIT division strong driving & scoring was provided Cody McDonald, Kurt Laird & Kevin Antol.  Brady Myers complemented the guards play with his tough post play and all around defensive performance.   

you get to keep your camp jersey!
On the last day of camp, Nathan Balmer (Manheim Central) ask where he should turn in his camp jersey. Some camps require campers to pay for their jersey if they want to keep it. He was happy to learn that at the PA/MD Camp, you get to keep your jersey for free!  


2007-Competition Winners-2007

NIT Winners

MVP: Nate Keating (Central Dauphin)


Hot Shot:
Killian Klopp (Cedar Crest)
Knockout: Devaughn Lee (Manheim Central)
Free Throw Champ: Devaughn Lee (Manheim Central)
1 on 1: Tighe Eshleman (Hershey)
32 Speed Shooting: Tighe Eshleman (Hershey)
3 on 3 Champs:
Gregory Husic (Steel-High), Tanner Dixon (Northern), Hunter Pearson (Manheim Central), Phalen Hazel (Hempfield) and Tim Gette (Hershey)
Camper of the Week:
Joseph Clavin (Holy Name of Jesus)
Hustle Award:
Seth Brewer (Manheim Twp.)
Defensive Award:
 T.C. Liptack (Hershey)

Team Champs: Florida
Coach DC Clark
Tyrell Wickersham (Hempfield)
Andrew Eudy (Cedar Crest)
Zachary Weaber-Bowman (Annville)
Nate Keating (Central Dauphin)
Tanner Dixon (Northern)
Peter Phillips (Cedar Crest)
Kevin Reeder (Northern)

NCAA Winners

MVP: Scott Reeder (Northern)


Hot Shot : Jordan Dietz (Manheim Central)
Knockout: Mark Matarrazzi (Lebanon)
Free Throw Champ: Adam Williams (Hempfield) Camp Record 10/10
1 on 1: Tyler Napariela (Annville-Cleona)
Defensive Award: Trey Blanding (Annville-Cleona)
Hustle Award: AJ Hedrick (Wyomissing)
Camper of the Week: Jordan Mellinger (Manheim Central)
32 Speed Shooting: Andrew Hoffa (Reading Central Catholic)
3 on 3 Champs:
Kassim McCleod (Trinity Palding) Mark Mattarazzi (Lebanon) Alec Wizar (Annville-Cleona)

Team  Champs: Duke
Coach Kevin Zvorsky
Dylan Kaplan (Annville-Cleona)
Scott Reeder (Northern)
Caleb Strohecker (Susquenita)
Tyler Napariela (Annville-Cleona)
Brandyn Harter (Cedar Crest)
Cory Stoltz (Manheim Twp.)
James Ballard (Philadelphia)
Conner Eichleberger (Northern)

NBA Winners

MVP: Jason Kuch, Cocalico

Hot Shot: Rhett Sheibley (Northern)
Knockout: Jason Kuch (Cocalico)
Free Throw: Four McGlynn (Dallastown)
1 on 1 : Harry Robinson (Carver Vo-Tech, MD)
32 Speed Shooting: Eric Geedy (Twin Valley) Camp Record 29/32
3 on 3:
Kevin Moody (Germantown) Lee Eckert (Hempfield) Jordan Reed (Northern)
Coaches Hustle Award: Guye Weber (Cocalico)
Defensive Award: Darren El (Oxford)
Slam Dunk Contest: Derek Allen (Oxford)
Camper of the Week: Harry Robinson (Carver Vo-Tech, MD)

Team Champions:
Coach Eric Greiner (Upper Dublin)
Rhett Sheibley (Northern)
Vince Soto (Warwick)
Jason Kuch (Cocalico)
Justin Ashcroft (RCC)
Eric Geedy (Twin Valley)
Shawn Marburger (Twin Valley)
Ryan Lowry (Twin Valley)
Harry Robinson (Carver Vo-Tech, MD)
Dejuan Saxon (Carver Vo-Tech, MD)


Groups attending from one school district

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The winner: Derek Allen (Oxford)

the dunk contest
On the final day of camp, final competitions are held in all three camp age divisions, championship games are played for each of the three age divisions: NIT, NCAA, NBA, the annual dunk contest is then enjoyed by parents and campers prior to the awards ceremony.
(Photo by Hazel)

(P.S. Yes he did clear the lad
standing, and yes he did
complete the dunk,
and yes he won the contest!)

Our next event-- Oct 7th Basketball Shootout---  Shootout  Application  HERE

Tyrone Mc Fadden
Mc Caskey H. S.
"Tyrone had a wonderful experience while at your camp this week. He cannot wait to re- join the kids and staff next year."
Morris and Cheryl McFadden, parents


Camper of the Week-NBA
Harry Robinson


Free Throw
NBA Four McGlynn (Dallastown)


Hot Shot Champion-NIT
Killian Klopp (Cedar Crest)

Camp Movie Schedule:
Campus Movie
Glory Road
Movies were offered as an alternative every evening at 9:00 p.m.

The Pennsylvania/Maryland Camp was NCAA certified this year and as such offered NCAA information sessions to all groups that attended the camp.  Coach Jerry Chiapelli (right) from Shippensburg acted as the camp NCAA Compliance Officer in teaching these sessions.

Assistant Camp Director,
Chris Sherwood
provides instruction
"Thank you for the week of camp ... both of my sons had a great time. For Scott, it was his third year. For Kevin, it was his first at Alvernia ...they have been to other camps, and liked yours the best."
Dave Reeder, their father
Director of Financial Aid
Mount St. Mary's University

see you
next year!

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NBA Camp All-Stars
Lloyd Hill – Steel High
Tyler Spancake – Lebanon
Darren El - Oxford
Jason Kuch – Cocalico
Ryan Hill – Steel High
Guye Weber – Cocalico
Harry Robinson – Carver Vo Tech MD
Kevin Moody – Germantown
Justin Ashcroft – Reading Central Cath.
Derek Allen – Oxford
Four McGlynn – Dallastown
Thomas McInerney – York Suburban
Vince Soto – Warwick
Laron Byrd – GAMP
Deaven Horne – Woodbridge, DE
Darryl Dawkins – George Washington Carver
Taj Hammond – Lancaster McCaskey
Donnell Glover – Carver Vo Tech MD
Tyrone McFadden – Lancaster McCaskey
Lee Eckert – Hempfield
Travis Dunlap – Annville-Cleona
Shane Pennington – Annville-Cleona
|Eric Geedy – Twin Valley
AJ Williams – St. Elizabeth DE
Tyler Cox – Hempfield
Larry Lambert – GAMP
Dylan Brossman – Cocalico
Ethan Strayer – Hempfield
Matt Domin - Exeter


Jason Kuch (Cocalico)





NCAA Camp All-Stars
Matt Chiapelli – Shippensburg
Alec Wizar – Annville-Cleona
Scott Reeder – Northern
Kurt Laird – Northern
Cody McDonald – Northern
Matt Walewski – Cedar Crest
Hunter Wyrick – Shippensburg
Caleb Strohecker – Susquenita
Tyler Napariela – Annville-Cleona
Jordan Mellinger – Manheim Central
Adam Williams – Hempfield
Andrew Clarke – Hempfield
Ben Ault – Hempfield
Dylan Brossman – Cocalico
Joey Becker – Cocalico
Kevin Antol – Cocalico
Andrew Hoffa – Reading Central Catholic
Brandyn Harter – Cedar Crest
Mark Matarazzi – Lebanon
Jordan Dietz – Manheim Central
Tony Ferrer – Steel High
Jayraun Smith – Steel High
Trey Blanding – Annville-Cleona
Josh Henning – Annville-Cleona
AJ Hedrick – Wyomissing
Austin Lawrence – ELCO
Nathan Balmer – Warwick
Eric Gentry – Manheim Central
Kassim McCloud – Trinity Palding
Alex Brubaker – Annville-Cleona
Eric Gentry – Lower Dauphin
Jahad Strickland - Easton



Scott Reeder (Northern)



NIT Camp All-Stars
Peter Phillips – Cedar Crest

Tyrell Wickersham – Hempfield

Zachary Weaber-Bowman – Annville-Cleona

Paxson Hayes – Annville-Cleona

Brady Myers – Watkins Glen, NY

Joseph Clavin – Holy Name

T.C. Liptack – Hershey

Devaughn Lee – Manheim Central

Tighe Eshleman – Hershey

Hunter Pearson – Manheim Central

John Miller – Hershey

Josh McFadden – Hempfield

Damian Soto – Warwick

Douglas Smith – Cumberland Valley

Cole Proffitt – Manheim Central

Andrew Eudy – Cedar Crest

Kevin Reeder – Northern

Tanner Dixon – Northern

Scott Gaffey – Palmyra

Gregory Husic – Steel High

Seth Brewer – Manheim Twp.

Phalen Hazel – Hempfield

Killian Klopp – Cedar Crest

Tim Gette – Hershey

Muhammed Ismail – Newark, NJ

Cole Benvoy – Hershey

Jaron Burke – Holy Guardian Angel

Dalton Kalbach – Cedar Crest

Tyler Fusik – St. Ignatius

Patrick Donley – Cedar Crest


Nate Keating (Central Dauphin)




The 2008 Camp wil be held July 27-31 at Alvernia College, Reading, PA