2004 Basketball Camp
           at Alvernia College
               Reading, PA
         AWARDS LIST

Tristan Crawford


Foul Shooting Champs
Sr. High Division
Ryan Bogans - Oxford
Jr. High Division
Malcolm Morse - Washington D.C

Hustle Awards
Sr. High Division
Spencer Kettering - Annville-Cleona
Jr. High Division
Cody Strohecker - Susquenita

Coach Gaffey Sr. congratulates Shamar Sinclair  (Canada)  who was selected to  the "Top Twenty" in the Senior Division.

Coach Ross demonstrates the cross over move to campers prior to the "One on One" Competition.

One on One Champs

Sr. High Division
Ryan Bogans - Oxford
Jr. High Division
Lloyd Hill - Steel High

NBA/NCAA Challenge
Michael Sanger - Lebanon
Vikram Bishnol -Wilde Lake H.S.

Division MVP Awards

Sr. High Division
Ryan Bogans - Oxford
Jr. High Division
Nate Myers - Annville-Cleona

3 on 3 Champs
Sr. High Division
Chris Boddy - Oxford
Michael Sanger - Lebanon
Jordan Wenger - Annville
Jr. High Division
Dean May - Annville
Bryan Hayberger - Susquenita
Pat Mulligan - Middletown

3 Point Shooting Champs
Sr. High Division
Brad Moyer - Shikellamy
Jr. High Division
Arshon Howard - Delaware

Campers of the Week
Sr. High Division
Gary Hare - Bishop McDevitt
Jr. High Division
Henry Glackin - Solanco

Hot Shot Awards
Sr. High Division
Brian Barry - Lebanon
Jr. High Division
Zach Dicks - Susquenita

Jr. High Sweet Sixteen
Nate Myers - PA
Arshon Howard - DE
Travis Dunlap - PA
Henry Glackin - PA
Zach Dicks - PA
Shane Pennington - PA
Malcolm Morse - Wash D.C.
Dustin Collins - PA
Mike Wells - PA
Cody Jones - PA
Joel Falcone - PA
Anthony Rados - PA
Ryan Hill - PA
Jesse Falcone - PA
Lloyd Hill - PA
Scott Robinson - PA
Garrett Lewis - PA
Vince Williams - PA
Pat Mulligan - PA

Sr. High Top Twenty

Tristan Crawford - Steel High
Ryan Bogans - Oxford
Chris Boddy - Oxford
Doug Palmer - Great Valley
Gary Hare - Bishop McDevitt
Dan Evans - Auburn, NY
Brad Moyer - Shikellamy
Brain Barry - Lebanon
Ryan Ludwig - Shikellamy
Josh Bennett - Snow Hill, Maryland
Alphonso Dawson - Harrisburg High
Jerel Lewis - Steel High
Jamal Jackson - Harrisburg High
Cameron Artes - Harrisburg  High
Leandro Martinez - Holy Ghost Prep

  Chris Boddy, Oxford
  "Top Twenty"

Parrish Banks - St. Mary's Ryken, Maryland
Shamar Sinclair - Ontario, Canada
Nick Osmann - Kennersville, North Carolina
Kalief Washington - Bishop McDevitt
Jordan Wenger - Annville Cleona

Impossible Shot Contestant
Patrick Ansel - Solanco

Action in one of the camp games. In the white is Tristan Crawford who was named to the "Top Twenty"
Basketball Shuffleboard Contestants
Henry Glackin -Solanco
Anthony Rados -Susquehanna Twp.
Jordon Jones -Martinsburg,West Virginia

Basketball Quiz Champions
Brian Berry -Lebanon
Jordon Jones -Martinsburg, West Virginia
Jay Pran -Annville-Cleona

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