By Big 60:   August 14, 2016- Girl’s  Elite Basketball Spotlight II   _____
         August 14, 2016-
Boy’s College Spotlight 100   II     ______
2913 Spooky Nook Rd, Manheim, PA 17545
-separate  divisions: one for boys and one for girls

Players in grades  9, 10, 11. and 12 are eligible to participate.  Mail your form in early.   
 Players will be accepted on a first come basis.

First Name __________________________Last Name _________________________

Address _______________________________________                                                    

City _______________________________State ________Zip code___________

Print email address  _______________________   Home phone __________________

Height _______  Weight ______   Gender  _______

Graduation year (circle one) 
____2016 ____2017   ___2018   ____2019____2020

High School _______________________________city/state_______________

Parent Consent and Medical Information - (Players cannot participate unless they have medical insurance).-Players cannot participate unless this section has been completed and signed by the parent or guardian. I understand that the Showcase and the host venue does not carry medical or accident insurance for the participants, and I hereby certify that my child is covered by personal insurance or is included in a policy which I have in place. I authorize routine medical care for my child by the Shootout trainer. I further authorize any treatment not considered routine to be referred to a local physician or to an emergency room at my expense. I further authorize and provide my consent and permission for my child to participate in this event.

Insurance Company ____________________ Policy _____________ Group # ________

Name of Policy Holder _____________________________ Home Phone __________

Signature of parent/guardian _________________________ Cell phone _____________

Check payment choice:  ____check   ____ money order   ____ credit card on Pay Pal        (NO REFUNDS DURING LAST WEEK BEFORE EVENT) 

___________   For August 14- $128.00  Boy’s College Spotlight  early registration.  
Late registration $140.00 July 30 until the event.
___________   For August 14-  $128.00  Girl’s Elite Shootout,
 early registration.  
Late registration $140.00 July 30 until the event.

Payment choices (No Refunds in the week prior to the event) Check one:  ____check   ____ money order   ____ credit card on Pay Pal 
Send your check or money order with your application (Make your check payable to: Bill Gaffey,) 
or pay with your credit card on Pay Pal (you don't need a Pay Pal account to make your payment) and mail your completed application. 
o pay  by credit card on Pay Pal, click on the "Buy Now" button.
- make the Item Price  128.00



Aug 14, 2016
The Spotlight

-This event is for individual players.  We place them on teams, ten players to a team.  Every player gets equal playing  time.  We substitute every 4 minutes.
The rosters will be posted on our website two days before the event with the schedule.  So, we encourage players to contact college coaches (the Prystal Plan)
 and invite them to watch.  Since the rosters and schedule will be posted,
the college coach knows exactly when you play.
The games are officiated by certified PIAA officials.  We provide the coaches for each team for each game.
Players will play in three games during the day.  There  will two separate divisions, one for boys and one for girls.. 

The games will ALL be nationally televised via  the technology of live streaming over the internet.  Each game will feature a play by play announcer and a color analyst.  Plus, ALL  three games are then placed on YOUtube at no additional cost!

  Mail to
 Bill Gaffey
 417 Bolton Drive,
 Harrisburg PA 17112