2009 camp page Team Photos
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-Free Throw Champ: Lee Eckert
-Three Point Champ: Vince Soto
-Hot Shot Champ: Connor Ireland
-"32" Speed Shooting Champ: Vince Soto
-One on One Champ: Taylor McDuffie
-Knockout Champ: Taylor McDuffie
-Camper of the Week: Tyler George
-Defensive Award: Kevin Kelly
-Hustle Award: Joe Farthing

MVP: Ethan Strayer (photo)

Team Champions: Celtics

  working at daily stations
NBA Top 20 All Stars:
Eric Ondo (PA)

Ryan Handley (PA)

Tyler George (PA)

Kevin Kelly (PA)

Vince Soto (PA)

Ethan Strayer (PA)

Joe Farthing (PA)

Austin Lawrence (PA)

Jaylen Albert (PA)

Conner Ireland (PA)

Lee Eckert (PA)

Quincey Harris (NJ)

Malachi Smith (PA)

Conner Leggore (PA)

David Yancey (WV)

Taylor McDuffie (PA)

John Davis (PA)

Diaire Brison (PA)

Jake Bucher (MD)

Gabe George (PA)

extra instruction offered daily  



-a special feature available  at the camp, extra instruction is offered to campers every day after breakfast, lunch, and supper-it's optional but available for the dedicated player-just report to the gym!

NCAA Results:

-Free Throw Champ: Cameron Abert
-Hot Shot Champ: Randy Violette
-Three Point Champ: Randy Violette
-1 on 1 Champ: Devaughn Lee
-"32" Speed Shooting Champ: Devaughn Lee
-Knockout Champ: Cameron Albert
-3 on 3 Champs: Devaughn Lee, Mason Lyons and Brett Kreiser

MVP: John Achille  Lampeter Strasburg)

Team Champions: Texas

Camper of the Week: Dustin Shomper

NCAA Top 20 All Stars
Mason Lyons

Dalton Kalbach

John Achille

Zach Ilgenfritz

Clay Penchard

Shaun Randolph

Brett Sommers

Colton Heisey

Nico Williams

Nate Keating

Joe Clavin

Kevin Reeder

Jamel Stinson

Tanner Dixon

Brett Kreiser

Devaughn Lee

Cory Brock

Jacob Wolfe

Killian Klopp

Dustin Shomper

Randy Violette

practice, practice, practice  
NIT Results:
Top 20 All Stars:
MVP: Dylan Bleacher (Hempfield)
Defensive Award: Josh Bailey
Hustle Award: Tucker lescoe
Camper of the Week: Zachary Echevarria
1 on 1 Champion: Kennan Hurley
"32" Speed Shooting: Dylan Bleacher
Hot Shot Champ: Phalen Hazel
Free Throw Champion: Dylan Bleacher


  "ok, let's do it again!"
NIT Top 20 All Stars
Dylan Bleacher

Tyrell Wickersham

Braden Smith

Seth Daubert

Scott Gaffey

Cameron Paul

Anthony Pletz

Keenan Hurley

Peter Phillips

Tucker Lescoe

Josh Lebo

Josh Bailey

Malik Frye

Phalen Hazel

Jordan Burke

Tanner Reed

Austin Davis

Damian Soto

Joel Lopez

Alex Caubet