2006 Camp Results

High School Division
"32" Speed Shooting
: Larry Geedy - Twin Valley
1 on 1:                          Robbie Bleiler - Northern
Hot Shot:                     Larry Geedy - Twin Valley
Foul Shooting:             Greg Harris - Lebanon
Knockout:                   Phil Kasitz - Boyertown
MVP:                          Austin Cook - Susquehanna Twp.
Hustle Award: Chuck Coleman - Carver Vo Tech (MD)
Defense:                     Spencer Kettering - Annville-Cleona
Camper of the Week: Lloyd Hill - Steel High
Slam Dunk Contest:   Andrew Powers - Boyertown

      Carver Vo-Tech H. S., Baltimore, Maryland


High School Division "Top 20" All Stars
Kirk Peters - Susquehanna Twp.
Greg Harris - Lebanon
Jordan Hill - Steel High
Harry Robinson - Carver Vo Tech (MD)
Terrence Gainer - West Hill (CT)
George Koch - McQuaid Jesuit (NY)
Brian Barry - Annville-Cleona
Austin Cook - Susquehanna Twp.
Kevin Moody - Del Valley Charter
Zach Melcher - Boyertown
Andrew Powers - Boyertown
Patrick Springer - Smithsburg (MD)
Larry Geedy - Twin Valley
Will Purtill - Pius X
Lloyd Hill - Steel High
Adam Goldsmith - Susquehanna Twp.
Robbie Anders - Wyoming Valley West
Shane Sweigert - CD East
Malcolm Mays - Central Dauphin
Pat Mulligan - Middletown
Aaron Kronawetter - Hempfield
Travis Dunlap - Annville-Cleona
Henry Glackin - Solanco
Robbie Bleiler - Northern
Daniel Cook - Susquehanna Twp.
Lance Peiffer - Manheim Central
Chuck Coleman - Carver Vo Tech (MD)
Anthony Gregory - Carver Vo Tech (MD)
Phil Kasitz - Boyertown
Junior High Division

"32" Speed Shooting: Alec Wizar - Annville-Cleona
Hot Shot:                     Trey Blanding - Annville-Cleona
Foul Shooting:              Brent Pickell - Hempfield
Knockout:                     Eric Geedy - Twin Valley
MVP:                            Ethan Strayer - Hempfield
Defense:                       Trey Blanding - Annville-Cleona
Camper of the Week:   A.J. Hetrick - Wyomissing
Hustle Award -             Jordan Mellinger - Manheim Central
3 on 3 Champs:            Zach Schnitzler (Manheim Central)       Austin Lawrence (ELCO) Joe Farthing (Hempfield)

1 on 1 Champ:
                          Ethan Strayer - Hempfield

Junior High Division "Top 20" All Stars
Austin Lawrence - ELCO
Jordan Bupp - Cedar Crest
Trey Blanding - Annville-Cleona
Kyle Thomas - Lebanon
Mark Matarazzi - Lebanon
Alec Wizar - Annville-Cleona
Tyler Napariela - Annville-Cleona
Douglas Coleman - Cedar Crest
Matt Walewski - Cedar Crest
Lee Eckert - Hempfield
Ethan Strayer - Hempfield
Eric Geedy - Twin Valley
Eric Samuel - New Jersey
Kamar Morse - Washington DC
Kassim McCleod - Easton
Jordan Mellinger - Manheim Central
Joesph Farthing - Hempfield
Scott Reeder - Northern
Matt Chiapelli - Shippensburg
Zach Myers - Shippensburg
Jordan Strickland - Easton
Brent Pickell - Hempfield
Gabe George - Steel High
Dillon Raker - Cedar Crest
Brandon Harter - Cedar Crest
Adam Williams - Hempfield
Zach Schnitzler - Manheim Central
Stephen Armstrong - Manheim Central
JD Albert - Steel High
Elementary Division Results

"32" Speed Shooting;    Paxson Hayes - Annville-Cleona
3 on 3 Champs;               Devaughn Lee (Manheim Central)
                                         Malik Fyre (Central Dauphin)
                     Ian Kubinak (St. Ignatius) Michael Stine - Palmyra
Hot Shot:             Devaughn Lee - Manheim Central
Foul Shooting:     Scott Gaffey - Palmyra
Knockout:           Scott Gaffey - Palmyra
MVP:                  Tyrell Wickersham - Hempfield
Defense:             Cameron Albert - Steel High
Camper of the Week: Kyle Eckel - St. Ignatius
Hustle Award:    Zach Rottet - Palmyra



1 on 1 Champion: Devaughn Lee
- Manheim Central

Elementary Division "SWEET 16" All Stars
Devaughn Lee - Manheim Central
Ian Kubinak - St. Ignatius
Mike Miller - St. Ignatius
Phalen Hazel - Hempfield
Paxson Hayes - Annville-Cleona
Scott Gaffey - Palmyra
Cameron Albert - Steel High
Tyrell Wickersham - Hempfield
Josh McFadden - Hempfield
Nathan DeLuca - Stroudsburg
Malik Frye - Central Dauphin
Kyle Eckel - St. Ignatius
Damian Soto - Warwick
Zach Rottet - Palmyra
Michael Stine - Palmyra




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